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CyberLink AudioDirector Ultra 3.0.2201 (2012)

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CyberLink AudioDirector Ultra 3.0.2201 (2012)

Название программы: CyberLink AudioDirector Ultra
Версия программы: 3.0.2201
Адрес официального сайта: CyberLink Corp
Язык интерфейса: Мульти / Русский
Лечение: не требуется

Системные требования:

Microsoft Windows 8, 7, Vista or XP (Service Pack 3).
2GB or above recommended
1 GB of disk space for application and doc umentation
Windows-compatible sound card


CyberLink AudioDirector Ultra – мощный инструментарий для обработки музыки. AudioDirector позволяет создавать собственные саундтреки с помощью многодорожечной записи, использовать средства микширования, автоматически удалять шумы и помехи и выполнять восстановление аудио. Благодаря возможности воспроизведения видео параллельно с редактированием звука пользователи AudioDirector могут синхронизировать корректировки аудио с картинкой. AudioDirector предлагает поддержку широкого ряда видео- и аудиоформатов, а также многоканального звука.

Дополнительная информация (английский):

Sync Audio to Video.

AudioDirector's dockable video preview window lets you watch your video as you cross-check audio waveform data, so you can ensure sound effects and dialogue are timed precisely to your video. In a truly visual approach, audio visual editing enables you to correct AV sync issues caused by processing delays in your equipment quickly and easily.

Improve Video Sound Quality.
Clean, crisp audio is important for a polished result in your video projects. AudioDirector reduces broadband and tonal background noise for a great natural result.

Audio-in-Video Editing.
Edit audio from your video clips in both AudioDirector's Edit and Mix rooms using a flexible set of pro audio tools to edit, sync, add effects, repair and produce.

Broad Video Support.
Improve the audio in any video with extensive support for video file formats including H.264, MPG, WMV, MKV, MOV, FLV and AVI.

Multi-Channel Support. AudioDirector supports imported video featuring 5.1/7.1* channel audio. Any video that is supported for import can also be exported in the same audio configuration.

Round-Trip Editing.
Full interoperability between AudioDirector and PowerDirector 11 allows audio from video to be passed between the two programs for comprehensive audio editing, mixing and restoration. Refined audio is sent back to PowerDirector 11 resulting in seamless and streamlined workflow.

Simultaneous Multitrack Recording.

Record from multiple audio sources either individually or simultaneously. Maintain complete control over the final audio arrangement with the ability to deal with distinct tracks. AudioDirector also makes it easy to insert recordings into existing audio files and features an easy-to-use countdown timer to facilitate the synching process.

99-Track Recording.
Create soundtracks without being constrained by restrictive track limitations. Enjoy rich audio with up to 99 separate tracks.

Intuitive Effect Addition.
Apply audio effects from the Mix Room with greater flexibility than ever before. Create unique sounds from the Mix Room and apply them to entire tracks.

Produce in Studio Quality.
After editing, produce your audio file with support for up to 7.1 channel audio, bit rates up to 192kHz and 32-bit depth.

Free Sound Clips
Add even more to the range of built-in sound clips in AudioDirector by downloading more free clips from DirectorZone, or record and upload your own sounds.

Recording Device Support.
AudioDirector supports an extensive range of S/PDIF and USB recording devices. Plug your device into your PC, launch AudioDirector and you're ready to record.

Convenient Track Control.
AudioDirector offers convenient control buttons on each individual audio track for full control at your fingertips. Select a track icon, mute, record, add volume keyframes and more.

Visual Effect Timeline.

Using an innovative approach to display audio effects that are applied to a track, effects are visually presented on a layered timeline below the audio waveform. In one glance, you can see exactly which effects have been applied, where they begin on the track, and even the duration of each effect! The all-in-one view makes adjustments and tweaks a lot more efficient and saves editing time.

Productive Editing Features.
Enjoy multi-channel editing, switch between waveform and frequency spectrum views, bookmarking, in-clip recording and other simplified features.

Pro-Level Audio Effects.
Sweeten your audio with a selection of popular audio effects including Delay, Dynamic Range Control, Reverb and Equalizer.

VST Plugin Support.
AudioDirector features a wide range of popular effects and also supports custom VST plugin effects – the industry standard for audio processing software.

Powerful Adjustment Tools.
Craft the perfect soundtrack for your video projects with essential editing tools including trim, speed adjustment, pitch variance, fade in/out and more.

Visual Keyframe Control.
AudioDirector's intuitive controls let you quickly add and adjust keyframe positions to change an audio track's volume or pan between L-R channels over time. You can also assign interpolations for smooth transitions between keyframes.

Visual Audio Repair.

Removing audio imperfections in sound recordings is made easy with AudioDirector's advanced visual restoration interface. Using both your eyes and ears to identify and isolate audio problems. A detailed spectrogram display accurately visualizes what your ears hear, thereby better highlighting areas that require audio repair. Problem areas can be identified at a glance and then repaired with easy-to-use restoration tools.

Flexible Selection Tools.
Extract portions of sound to restore by selecting audio time, frequency, or use the brush or magic wand tool to precisely isolate problem areas.

Harmonic Sound Finder.
Extract sounds across the same frequency band using the Harmonic Finder to clean up imperfections from harmonically oscillating sources such as whistles.

Noise Analysis and Reduction.
Noise Reduction technology reduces broadband and tonal noise for more natural-sounding results.

Frequency Spectrum View.
Switching from Waveform to Frequency Spectrum view allows you to find areas of significant frequency change that aren't visible in a waveform.

Remove Clicks Cleanly.
The Click Removal module automatically identifies clicks, pops and digital impulse noises and seamlessly removes them. Select from one of the built-in algorithms for click removal, or choose to manually adjust the sensitivity of the module to determine what is considered a "click."

Repair Clipping Artifacts.
Clip Restoration in AudioDirector rebuilds peaks damaged by clipping at either the analog or digital stage. Select from several presets that adjust the clipping threshold.


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file mainwnd.kc (44,82 Kb)
file AudioDirector.ico (177,98 Kb)
exe CL-AudioDirector.exe (231,31 Mb)
file FixReg_x64.reg (3,93 Kb)
file FixReg_x86.reg (3,81 Kb)
txt Обновление и Русификация.txt (355 b)

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