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Music Maker 2013 Premium (2012) Английский

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Music Maker 2013 Premium (2012) Английский

Год/Дата Выпуска: 2012
Разработчик:Magix Software GmbH.
Разрядность: 32bit+64bit
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Таблэтка: Присутствует

Системные требования:
Processor: 2 GHz or higher
RAM: 1 GB (2 GB recommended)
Graphics card: Onboard graphics card with a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768
Sound card: Internal sound card
Hard disk memory: 7.5 GB free disk space for program installation
Optical drive: DVD drive (only for installation of the box version)

MAGIX Music Maker 2013 Premium MX – творите музыку без компромиссов! Начните сразу же и создайте свои собственные песни
и альбомы, легко используя ультрареалистические инструменты, эффекты студии и даже еще больше звуков. Благодаря
расширенному диапазону функций Вы можете погрузиться еще глубже в мир создания музыки!

Преимущества программы:
- 96 треков для аудио, MIDI & видео
- Больше чем 5,500 звуков & петли
- Синтезатор
- Drum Engine
- Vita Sample Player
- Проектировщик Loop-ов
- BeatBox 2 Плюс
- Vandal SE guitar amplifier
- Редактор MIDI
- Экспортируйте и издайте свои песни как MP3, WAV и компакт-диск или загрузите их к SoundCloud®, Facebook™, Twitter™ &
- VST поддерживается для дополнительных инструментов и эффектов

Дополнительные Premium преимущества:
- Century Guitars
- Электрический бас
- Аналоговый компрессор
- Revolta 2 analog synthesizer
- Mastering Suite
- 5.1 Surround Mixing
- Живой исполнитель
- Интегрированный интерфейс ReWire
- Студия печати: Создайте свои собственные покрытия компакт-диска & буклеты
- Музыкальный Редактор 3 для подробного типового редактирования

Новое в версии
NEW! Vita Rock Drums
Powerful, tight drum sounds for every song

Experience realistic drums recorded in amazing quality down to the finest detail.

Add some dynamic and powerful drums to your songs and choose between studio, stadium, club or arena to get the right room sound for your production.

With the practical editing feature and effects such as compressor, reverb and distortion, it's easy to find your own unique drum sound.

Vita Rock Drums is the ideal instrument for creating the perfect groove.
NEW! Vita String Ensemble
Illustrious strings with a rich, full sound

The Vita String Ensemble is perfect for adding a touch of class and style to your arrangements.

You'll be amazed by the brilliance and transparency of these genuine orchestra strings. In no time at all you can create full string accompaniment for your productions without having to spend all your time on tuning and arranging.

This complete string ensemble can be seamlessly integrated into any production. The wide spectrum of natural and realistic string sounds is perfect for adding a special touch to songs from any genre.
NEW! Vita World Percussion
Percussion instruments for perfect grooves

Enjoy incredible percussion sounds from Africa, Asia, Europe and South America.

Vita World Percussion offers the ultimate selection of top-quality sounds such as bongos, congas, claves, cowbells, shakers, guiros, tambourines, timpanis and vibraphones.

Vita World Percussion is a treasure chest full of inspiring percussion instruments with astoundingly realistic sound quality - let your creativity run wild!
NEW! Vita Bass Machine
Add some rumbling bass to your creations

Create powerful bass sounds and cool bass lines in incredible sound quality the easy way with the Vita Bass Machine.

The sounds and effects such as filter, compressor, reverb, delay, chorus and distortion offer an enormous range of possibilities for your bass parts.

With lots of options like wobble bass, deep saw, sine, tube bass, Motown style or bass chords you can create amazing bass lines for any genre with the Vita Bass Machine.
NEW! Vita 2
Limitless instrument variety with the powerful sample player

The brand new Vita 2 sample player is the fastest and easiest way to create your own unique, realistic instruments and add them to your arrangements.

Vita 2 now has a new tube distortion unit for adding a classic analog tube sound to your songs.

Additional instrument samples provide an unbeatable range of sound possibilities. Thanks to the professional sound engine and the carefully compiled sound library you can enjoy the full studio experience right on your own computer!
NEW! New Search Feature
Find loops, samples and files super fast

Simply enter a letter and the new live search feature displays all the loops, samples and files that are possible matches.

Long, complicated searches are finally a thing of the past. This lets you focus on the most important thing - your music!
NEW! Mastering Suite 4 –
The ultimate mastering tools for the perfect sound

The new Mastering Suite 4 provides a professional platform for editing your music and is guaranteed to deliver excellent sound and amazing results.

The parametric 6-band equalizer lets you add that final polish to your productions. The high-performance StereoFX module expands the width of the stereo image and the MultiMax multiband compressor/limiter adds a smooth, warm sound.

Simply choose one of the professional studio presets to get the perfect sound with one click! You can optimize and fine-tune the sound even more with just a few clicks
To top
NEW! eFX Vocal Strip – Sensational studio effects

New top-quality effects have been added to the essentialFX series to help you get the most out of your music productions!

The eFX Vocal Strip is a suite of effects specifically designed for speech and vocal recordings and includes a Compressor, deEsser, Gate, High-Pass Filter and Tone Shaping.

The combination of intuitive operation and sleek design make these effects the perfect addition to your professional studio setup.
NEW! More tracks – Create elaborate projects
with an unlimited number of tracks

With the new MAGIX Music Maker 2013 Premium it's easier than ever to make great songs quickly and easily on your computer.

You get all the tracks and tools you need to make great sounding music productions and you can do it all without any previous experience!

Установить программу и закрыть.Скопировать содержимое папки Patch по адресу:Programm Files/Magix/Music Maker/Protein с заменой.
Открыть программу,зарегистрировать любыми ключами и пользоваться.


Music Maker 2013 Premium (2012) АнглийскийMusic Maker 2013 Premium (2012) АнглийскийMusic Maker 2013 Premium (2012) Английский

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